A spectator event atop the spectacular Maungakawa Scenic Reserve, celebrating the epic finish of the UCI Classic Queen Stage.

Ride, walk or grab our RIDE shuttle to the top of Maungakawa and watch the Pro riders climb our region’s very own Alpe d’ Huez – twice!!

The business end of the Classic, where the men say goodbye to the boys… Watch the climbers battle their way up Maunga’s hairpin turns before finishing at the top at Gudex Memorial Park. Sit back, enjoy a beverage or two at the Good George pop up pub while taking in some of the region’s most spectacular views. Hear our live commentary of the last hour of racing action, while watching all the action on the big screen.

Hobbiton Movie Set Gran Fondo winners and the UCI New Zealand Cycle Classic prize presentation will take place after the race at approx 4.30pm.

Be there, or be somewhere else!